Tailor Made Consultant

Excellent supports customers to cooperate with multi-distributors on wholesaler terms in China based on a professional ‘Turn Key’ distribution platform. Meanwhile, it helps enterprises to cope with various difficulties, trade barriers and reduce transaction risks. Customers can extend the coverage of market faster, better control of branding and have higher profit margin through the platform. It is the quality of our service that has led us to numerous industries awards. We are highly recommend our client to divide the distributor by Area or by channel in China and it is the faster, easier way to cover the wholes China market.


Excellent has good market knowledge of the Fast Moving Consuming Goods (FMCG) and we well know the import regulation and procedure. Beside the Free of charges general Consulting service, Our professional team able to provide the Tailor Made Consulting Service to our Customer to ensure their product will be success in China. Our Tailor Made Consulting service is including:


1.      Market Overview                              2. Product research

3.      Packaging research                            4. Retails Price Proposal

5.  Wholesale Price Proposal                   6. Sales Channel Proposal

7.  Hot Selling Product Proposal              8. Distributors Interview

Through our Tailor Made Consulting service, our client could enter Chinese market on the correct and safe way. To be success easier and faster.  

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