Excellent Trading is committed to making a clear and positive difference to the local community. As our business grows and develops we become financially stronger and are able to give back more to our local community. We are fully aware of our corporate responsibilities both socially and environmental. We believe that a healthy environment, society, and economy is fundamental to long- term business success.

Our work is intellectually and financially consistent while always using efficient resources. Firm members are inspired to actively think about, how they personally can help make a difference to their local community, furthermore they are also encouraged to proactively think of ways the company can be more responsible as a whole. Leaders at Excellent Trading work responsibly to enforce health and safety practices, and are consistently thinking of ways to make a better future for all.


Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility is one of our main priorities; this includes labor, human rights, diversity and community involvement.  

The health and well-being of all of our employees is at the top of our agenda. Therefore we continuously strive to provide a safe, healthy and respectful work environment. We have implemented a set of guidelines and principles to our labor standards that apply to all of our employees in all of our offices. Furthermore employees often learn about hygiene and healthy diets etc, which can help them get a healthier life style.   

Company donations and employee donations are giving to areas that experience disasters, for example the earthquake in Sichuan which occurred in 2013. We are committed to helping young students in China, who does not have a financial stable income and come from areas of diversity, or whom have experienced disaster.

As a global company we acknowledge our personal responsibility to try and make China a country of less poverty.


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