Excellent Trading always aims to deliver quality service to our clients. 

After decades of observing the growing trends of Chinese consumers toward Western brands which were seemingly unattainable. It occurred to me that there was a market for a company like Excellent Trading , to aid brands from overseas who want to enter the Chinese market but needed the assistance to do so.

With my extensive knowledge and experience in Logistics I established Excellent Trading in 2011with a four part service strategy;

1. Products Entry Consultancy, to help the client gain knowledge of the market, opportunity and development of the brand.

2. Import Agent to offer the client with a platform to operate in China as such the client would maintain control and focus on the sales and marketing.

3. Logistics & Warehouse Management, in this step we help with the shipping, warehousing and delivery to the wholesaler as a result, initiating the clients' brand into the Chinese market fast and smoothly.

4. Back-Office Operations, we provide our clients with additional support in the back-office operations, human resources management and after sales service in order for the brand to complete their requirements in the supply chain movement.

Our mission is to boost our client's performance in China as well as meeting the needs of our community.


James Tsang, CEO


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